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Firstly, we will look at your feelings and how they affect your life. We look at emotional themes and identify whether they are underpinned by ancestral influences or past life experience, or both. This self-awareness realisation married with shamanic insights allows us to discuss what is important for you and what you need to work on.

Following our discussion, I will proceed with a healing which is based on shamanic techniques during which I shall remove energy blocks and correct chakra imbalances. Throughout your healing session I will guide you through the various stages so that you are fully prepared, and feel safe at all times.

I’m keen to provide you with the best opportunities to become whole again as ultimately your wellbeing is of utmost importance to me.  There may be occasions when I will advise you to consider counselling or psychotherapy especially if I feel this may be of benefit to the next step of your healing journey.  I may also refer you to your General Practitioner (GP) if I feel this would be appropriate.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing Techniques

  • Removal of energy blocks
  • Correction of chakra imbalances
  • Cleansing of the energetic body
  • Breaking with old negative repeating patterns & Changing limiting or negatives beliefs
  • Understanding of root causes behind physical illness and heal it
  • Healing emotional trauma and conditioning from childhood
  • Healing emotional pain and patterns from relationships
  • Healing trauma and conditioning from past lives
  • Removal of energy attachments
  • Healing yourself, your ancestors and future generations
  • Restoring your soul to wholeness – retrieve missing parts of yourself
  • Gaining harmony between mind, body and spirit
  • Understanding the reasons behind physical, mental and emotional issues
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey in this life
  • Understanding yourself and your soul contracts
  • Finding inner peace and acceptance
  • Learning the importance of meditation and vision questing
  • Understanding our deeper connection with nature

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