The Shaman understands that on the other side of life there’s only life. Death is simply a doorway through which we pass on our journey back home. Shamanic wisdom tells us that after death the physical body goes back to the earth, our knowledge returns to the mountains, and our essence or soul returns to the stars.

When we forget who we are, we forget where we come from and subsequently we fear death. However, we cannot escape a physical death and therefore it is important that the dying process is guided in such a way that we no longer fear it but accept it and become at peace with it.

As a nurse I witnessed death many times. In one of these cases, a patient’s family were frightened and I was repeatedly asked if their loved one was going to live or die. Obviously, I could not give them the answer as I don’t decide when it is time for a spirit to leave the body. However, I know that ultimately all of us return to where we originally come from which I call home.  It is my opinion that when we die, we simply let go of our physical coat and travel back to our wholeness and back to those who went before us.

Spiritual Healing for those who are unwell or terminally ill:

I also practice spiritual healing on those who suffer with chronic medical conditions and who may benefit from clearing energy blocks to help alleviate tension. In addition to this I provide spiritual healing to those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and may not have long to live on this earth plane. This is to ensure that the individual is at peace with what is coming and nothing to be frightened of. The healing focusses on clearing the aura’s energy field which has proven to be a soothing method and helps to calm down any agitation, fear or anxiety.

Some of us would prefer to die at home as it offers a natural safe environment but this unfortunately may not be possible for all of us.  Dying in a hospital or a hospice may not be something we choose and although some of these places are friendly the dying process is often approached in a very clinical and impersonal way.

Therefore, you may wish to consider asking assistance from a healer with experience in this field. It is hugely important for an individual to be able die in peace so that they can step into the other world without any hesitation or fear.


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