I found Vos by chance online when I was feeling very lost in myself and the world. Her intuitive abilities seen what I couldn’t and with explorative work, she has safely guided me back to my true capable self.

Each session is like coming home. The work has been tough (I was very angry and blocked) but she has supported and guided me in the safest environment to allow me to heal and develop. Now I can handle life’s multiple surprises and challenges with more ability, compassion and insight.

Vos a true spirit who shines her light and promotes healing!

She has not only helped me (and is still doing so) but many others that I have sent her way, who have all transformed under her brilliance.

Thank you Universe for sending me Vos and thank you Vos for being my much needed guardian angel!

Chidi L

Kings Hill- Kent, Company Director / Chiropractor

I visited Vos for a healing session with some trepidation and scepticism but with an ongoing condition was keen to explore all therapies possible.
I was put at ease and made to feel comfortable, with the process fully explained prior to it beginning. 
The treatment has certainly helped and I have repeated it a few times and will continue to do so. I would recommend a visit to consult with Vos- sometimes you need to approach issues form a different perspective to get different results.

Sue W.

Tonbridge- Kent, Company Director

I have had several sessions with Vos over the past few years. I am always very happy to receive healing from her. She is deeply intuitive and can obtain acurate information about what issues need to be addressed. Vos lifts and remove negativites, and lightens the spirit. She is a sensitive and caring person with special powers. A treasured experience.

Highly recommended.

Jeannette S.

Local Government Officer, High Barnet- London

Vos is exceptionally gifted in her psychic and healing abilities. Having worked with her over the past two years I know that when I am with her, I am in safe hands and with someone who knows what they are doing. She is a pleasure to be around - kind, funny and very knowledgeable in this field.

Desi K.

Documentary Filmmaker, London

Vos is an amazing healer. She has kind and patient approach to clients and can gently guide you to bring out the inner most feelings and worries that stem from many generations of your ancestors and your life. I thoroughly enjoy seeing her and am lucky to have her in my life

Mira B.

London, Homeopath

I would like to describe Vos as a gifted healer who has the ability and unique talent to connect and heal on all levels.

I met Vos at the soul rescuerrs workshop. The first time she ran healing energy by touching my feet, I experienced a profound energy, she was able to take me on a journey to release guilt and pain from my ancestors.

It was a very powerful and emotional experience but exactly what I needed to heal and let go off at the time.

Vos taught me that you don't always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens....

Thank you for your part in my journey.

Rym H.

London, Teacher

Vos has an amazing gift and talent for healing. Her warmth and genuineness meant I was able to totally relax and together we were able to explore emotional burdens that I was holding on to. The healing left me feeling full of lightness and energy. Thank you.

Katherine L.

Tonbridge, Kent, Student Counsellor.

Vos is a committed and passionate practitioner. She has a natural warmth and light that is welcoming and nurturing. Her professional approach to her practice gives me confidence in trusting her with my vulnerability. Every treatment I have received from her has shed new light on my predicament and given me fresh faith to take the next step. She balances advice with encouragement to both soothe and enable. Vos has a wealth of experience personally and professionally, which she draws on generously to offer support, help and guidance.

Christine K.

Counsellor, Matfield- Kent.

I am a Reflexologist, Nutritionist and skincare advisor and know many different modalities of healing. I was intrigued by what Vos does as a therapist and came to visit with an open mind. I found Vos very warm, calm and approachable with what felt like an intense ability to see into one’s soul. Her unique method of healing the body and mind from a soul perspective was unhurried and in-depth. We spent some time going through various stages of my life and any life blocks I felt and then the actual treatment started. I don’t remember very much as I seemed to go off – not exactly asleep but in a mild meditative state. It was a joy to experience and I felt incredibly relaxed after. I will definitely return.



I have recently had a healing sessions with Vos, a wonderful positive lady and a good listener.
I felt the visit was very worthwhile, I personally felt a little emotional for a day after but the lasting affect was quiet amazing and very interesting.
I feel more grounded as a person more confidant more balanced and a lot lighter in mind and spirit.
It’s a truly remarkable experience and one I highly recommend.


Civil Servant, Kent

Vos was very discrete and professional. She was authoritative yet compassionate and enabled me to move forward when I had been stuck for sometime. I found the treatments transformational and I have been able to embrace a new career and emotionally cleanse my life! I describe the treatments as “spiritual osteopathy” and if you visit Vos you will understand what I mean by this. I was sceptical on my first visit but soon embraced the changes happening on all levels in my life. Vos was warm and welcoming and wonderfully direct without being dispassionate. A breath of fresh air after some difficult times! Well worth the investment if you are prepared to put in the work to make change happen and have an open mind.

L. Francis

(retired Solicitor) Reflexologist, Kent

I initially visited Vos after hearing how she’d helped a friend. I was sceptical, but knew I needed something a bit different as I felt blocked and wasn’t sure how to progress. Her insight and questioning made me see things in a new way and I felt that her advice, along with the treatment, helped me to leave behind things that were holding me back. After the first healing, I was lighter and a lot more energised and positive. The second visit was even more liberating. Vos is very caring and giving and I’m very grateful to her for helping me on my journey.


Tonbridge, Kent. Teaching assistant

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