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I have been working as a Nurse for forty years. I am a fully trained General and Community Health Nurse. I originally trained in Amsterdam, the Netherlands after leaving school and worked as a general nurse first in the Netherlands and then in England. I decided to specialise in Occupational Health and continue to work part-time as an Occupational Health Nurse for a large organization.

It is my personal experience that now more than ever people suffer with stress and depression. Some have become so involved in their work that they forget to keep a healthy work life balance resulting in serious ill health.  And then there are others who don’t feel they have a choice and continue to plough on in a job that makes them severely unhappy, stressed and depressed.  Both examples highlight lack of self-awareness, denial and unnecessary suffering.

It is my experience that generally people rely on others to tell them what they need to do. This however eventually leads to feelings of worthlessness. It is therefore essential for the individual to address the emotional and behavioural issues to regain self-worth, confidence and life purpose. Ultimately, we cannot create what we want unless we first come to terms with how we feel.

Psychic-Shamanic Healer

Since I was a child, I have always had a deep awareness of being a spirit in a physical body with a higher purpose. I also always had a natural affinity with nature as it offers me wisdom, simplicity and peace. Having awareness of spirits and energies has always been natural and normal for me. I have never had any reason to doubt it.

However, as I was growing up I realized that not everyone had the same understanding. This greatly confused me, and because I had a distinct awareness of what people were thinking and feeling, it made me sometimes feel different.  Consequently, and in my growing up years, I tried hard to fit in and please others but usually this was at my own expense. By pretending to be someone I was not and wearing various masks to survive, I hurt both myself and others and subsequently became separated from myself.

On reaching crisis point I then realised I had no choice but to go through a process of self-awareness and healing.  My awareness shift did not come without challenges, but I’m glad I persisted. The moment I acknowledged I no longer wanted to live a in a lie, I was guided to the right person to help me heal myself. A wonderful psychic healer not only helped me find my way back to myself but also awakened my shamanic memories.

Since then I have met other like-minded teachers who not only have continued to encourage me to embrace my shamanic skills, but who have also trained me to become a fully qualified healer. I have now been practicing for ten years.




BSc Health Visitor

BSc Dip. R.O.H. Nurse Specialist Practitioner

Reiki I & Reiki II

Soul Rescuers Advanced Practitioner


1.    This Code of Conduct provides a guideline of the professional standards, values and principles, which the Practitioner intends to be bound to and will endeavour to implement in good faith, to promote a professional, safe and effective practice of their services.


2.    The services provided by the Practitioner and covered under these guidelines include a combination and/ or individual or collectively the categories herein described below:

a.    Holistic treatments – including Reiki, Energy Healing, Energy balancing chakra clearing, crystal work and pendulum work, basic Kinesiology treatment, meditation, shamanism, spiritual psychotherapy;

b.    Property and Land clearings – including removal of residual energies imbedded in the land and dowsing;

c.     Soul Rescuer – including individual energy or vibration cleansing, releasing and / or clearing of vibrational obstacles or stuck energy, releasing ancestral and past life cords and soul contracts; and

d.    Training and / or workshops in the above-mentioned categories.

3.    All services provided by the Practitioner are in relation to energetic or vibrational fields only.

4.    Services provided by the Practitioner do not include and are not intended to be, in any manner or form, whether direct or implied, any medical advice or diagnosis or analysis of any medical condition. It is the client’s sole responsibility to seek independent medical advice and to follow or adhere to any treatment provided by their doctor or medical practitioner.

5.    The Practitioner shall not be responsible for any damage to any property, whether intentional or accidental and shall not touch or move any objects in the property without the prior consent of the lawful owner or tenant of the property

6.    The Practitioner shall only accept direct instructions from the Client or from a person with a valid power of attorney. The Practitioner may take into consideration the concerns of family members or a person closely connected to the client; provided that it does not compromise or breach the interests or wishes of the client; or as otherwise specifically provided for in this document.

7.    The Practitioner will always try to communicate in a clear manner and will explain what the client can expect from the Service and how the Services are provided.

8.    If any physical contact is required as part of the treatment for removing stuck energy, the Practitioner shall warn the client prior to any contact being made and shall seek the client’s permission to proceed; provided that the client remains comfortable with such contact.  Alternatively, the non- touch method for treatment may be used.

9.    The Practitioner will be transparent in relation to Fees and any costs incurred and charged to the client for the provision of Services requested

10.  If a situation arises, in the Practitioner’s sole opinion,  which is beyond their scope of services or experience or capability; the Practitioner will as appropriate refer the client to another holistic practitioner or seek to work collectively with a Practitioner who is more experienced in the required area.

11.  The Practitioner shall NOT provide any guarantees, promises, representations, statements, claims; in relation to the Services provided which may imply any cure or conclusive resolution of any issue.

12.  Further any feedback or reports provided by the Practitioner are merely for information, research, statistical or teaching purposes only, and reflect the Opinion of the specific Practitioner only and may not be relied upon for any other purpose.

13.  The Practitioner retains the right to refuse or decline to provide or stop any Service at their sole discretion, at any stage,  including in the event of failure or delay of payment by the client, even if already in progress and especially if the client is intoxicated by alcohol or recreational drugs or in distress or in a visible unstable state or  for any other reason where the Practitioner believes he or she is inadequately equipped to handle or  which may also put the practitioner at risk and/ or where the client fails to disclose fully the information as described in paragraph 24  below.

14.  The Practitioner shall continue their professional development on an annual basis and shall maintain all evidence therefore for their records

15.  The Practitioner shall not discriminate in relation to age, gender, race, disability, religion or beliefs or sexual orientation.

16.  The Practitioner shall always conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner and shall not exploit the client in any manner including but not limited to financially or sexually.


17.  The Practitioner will obtain Written valid consent prior to any consultation, property or land visit, or Service being provided


18.  The Practitioner shall provide their services only to individuals over the age of 16 years and who are capable of providing valid consent.

19.  Services to minors may only be provided in the presence of and with a parent or guardian’s consent.


The Clients Responsibilities include the following:

20.  Providing written consent to the Practitioner prior to any consultation, property or land visit for the Services provided. Such consent includes consent to maintain the client’s personal details for record keeping and statistical purposes or as otherwise provided herein.

21.  Prompt payment of the Practitioners bill or invoice and no later than on the day the services are provided. The Practitioners fees are non- refundable.

22.  It is the client’s sole responsibility to seek medical advice prior to proceeding with any consultation.

23.  To continue with any treatment or advice or prescription or medication as provided by a qualified medical doctor. The client acknowledges that the services provided by the Practitioner are in addition to or complementary to the medical advice or treatment prescribed by a qualified medical doctor and are not a replacement or substitution thereof.

24.  Disclosing any and all medical or alternative or holistic treatments, any symptoms or medical conditions and all medication taken (whether prescribed or not), including family history; to the Practitioner.



25.  Confidentiality of the client’s data, information, contact details, consultations, all practitioners notes or reports or feedback forms and land or property visits shall be maintained at all times except where :

a.    The client provides permission to disclose such information;

b.    If required to be disclosed by order of a court order or other legal authority;

c.     If such information or details are already in the public domain and / or have already been disclosed or released by the client; and

d.    If required by law to disclose including in situations where there is a serious risk to the public or to the client


26.  The Practitioner shall keep contemporaneous notes on all services provided, the effect of services on the client or property or land, follow up notes or recommendations made and any reports on the services provided. (“the Records”)

27.  All Records, in whichever manner stored or created, remain the sole property of the Practitioner, who shall keep all such Records for a period of 5 years

28.  The Practitioner shall keep all Records in a private and secure manner. The Records should only be accessible by the Practitioner.


29.  All personal details of the client, including their name, address, date of birth, contact details and any medical condition or treatments as diagnosed and / or prescribed by a qualified doctor, shall be kept confidential and protected by a password only known to the Practitioner.

30.  All personal details of the client shall not be referred to or displayed on any of the Practitioners material or website and shall not be shared with any third party or colleague, without the express written consent of the Client.


31.  The Practitioner is insured by BALENS LTD in relation to the services identified in paragraph 2 above.

32.  The Practitoner's liability is limited to a maximum of £ 6,000.

33.  It is the Practitioners personal responsibility to remain insured on an annual basis in relation to all services identified at paragraph 2 above and / or retain valid Insurance for any Services provided to the client.

34.  BALENS LTD also provide complaint handling procedures which the Practitioner is bound to comply with.



35.  At first instance, the Practitioner is required to deal with and respond to all written complaints promptly, within 14 days of receipt of the complaint, from the client or as received from their Insurers and to provide as much assistance as may be required to resolve the complaint quickly and amicably.

36.  If the Complaint is not resolved within this period the client may refer the matter to the Insurers and follow their Complaint Handling Procedures.


37.  This Code of Conduct is governed by the Laws of England and Wales and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim or dispute, arising from and in connection with the contents of this Code of Conduct.

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