About the Soul Rescuer Practice

My work is focussed on Self-Awareness and Healing during which I utilise Shamanic Healing Techniques.  This method helps to resolve negative belief systems whereby we not only heal our own emotional pain but that of our ancestors and prevent destructive patterns for future generations.

Welcome to The Soul Rescuer Practitioner

My healing method is based on proven clinical techniques, self-awareness and Shamanic spiritual healing. During your treatment sessions we will look at your thoughts and feelings and how these may affect your life positively or negatively.  The aim of this is to address and heal unhealthy belief systems which may not be in alignment with who you truly are. For example, feelings of unworthiness may have resulted in you creating a defence mechanism by becoming dutiful and un-assertive. On the other hand, you may have created the opposite, feelings of unworthiness may have resulted in you becoming manipulative and abusive.  Either way, your subsequent behaviour is a likely survival strategy which has now left you feeling stressed, depressed or worst of all made you ill.

About Me

It is my experience that generally people rely on others to tell them what they need to do. It is therefore essential for the individual to address the emotional and behavioural issues to regain self-worth, confidence and life purpose.

What to Expect

Firstly, we will look at your feelings and how they affect your life. We look at emotional themes and identify whether they are underpinned by ancestral influences or past life experience, or both. 

Soul Relief

The Shaman understands that on the other side of life there’s only life. Shamanic wisdom tells us that after death the physical body goes back to the earth, our knowledge returns to the mountains, and our essence or soul returns to the stars.


Most of us may not even make the association or realise that our depression or ill health is the direct consequence of a false belief system.  This false belief system is usually developed in our childhood through copied behaviour and by not dealing with our emotional pain.

Generations long we were shown by example on how to suppress, cope and react when feeling emotional pain, continuing an endless cycle of not knowing how to take care of ourselves.   Furthermore, most of us were told not to trust our intuition but to listen to our logical minds due to unconscious fear of the consequences that we inherited from our ancestors and our past life experiences.  By healing your internal wounds, you not only automatically release the wounds of those affected ancestors but also prevent unnecessary suffering for future generations of your family tree.

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